Social Media System Information. Why would I/My regimen be on Twitter?

The following are popular platforms at Ferris condition University. Keep in mind that this list can change over the years. Check our very own directions and greatest methods to learn more about social media marketing.


Facebook may be the largest and developing social media web site in the field. This website produces will be easy to keep in communications and share details with company, loved ones and co-workers.

Twitter to put it simply it s the spot where the greater part of your prospective college students hang out! This gives a great place to display their program and provide records to those pupils. In addition it presents great network opportunities for the alumni, faculty, associates, students and employers. Facebook is usually the principal social media appeal of departments at Ferris State University.

How can I get started?

Building a Twitter webpage try fortunately (and unfortuitously) smooth! I encourage the next processes:

  1. Determine what your own strategy and targets will likely be with your Twitter appeal. Based on your position, it is possible to create a webpage or a group. Check out the Twitter “let” site for more information.
  2. Determine obligations for content and monitoring the website.
  3. Generate the right profile graphics that fits University artwork requirements. Notice “artwork and photos” case for assistance.
  4. E mail us for the position officially acquiesced by the institution.

Extra info: fb has actually a thorough assistance center:

Take a look at certified Ferris county institution page


What-is-it? Twitter was a micro-blogging website. It allows you fast, instant revisions that go to your followers. They best enables 140 characters, so let the creativity flow!

How do I make use of it?

Twitter is a good way to get quick communications out very fast. Update your followers about change in meeting tactics, splitting news, event reminders and!

How can I register?

Visit and acquire began.

Further Information and secrets:

  1. Smartly pick the username and name. The login name is bound in figures, so be sure to pick one that’s descriptive of one’s regimen in as short a questionnaire as it can, for example: FerrisState is the Twitter login name when it comes down to authoritative Ferris State University Twitter account. Your name should be searchable, so make sure you pick one that’s since detailed as it can and certainly will likely gather more strikes on hunt. Eg, the college s term on Twitter try Ferris condition institution simple!
  2. Tailor your own visibility. It’s this that your fans will discover if they see your Twitter website. Become specific regarding your regimen and publish a profile picture that meets artwork criteria.
  3. Decide a background that improves the readability of your own content material, but additionally fulfills graphic requirements.
  4. Set up your bank account to help you access it from everywhere with your cellular phone.
  5. Need brief tweets, and include links back to your formal website. If your hyperlinks are longer, you can make use of a site like to produce short backlinks.
  6. Recall precisely why the supporters exist and choose proper material once you tweet they probably aren t thinking about anything you do that is personal.
  7. Tweet frequently!
  8. Discover Twitter lingo, and start to become #supercool!


LinkedIn are a social media web site for professional network.

Presently, the institution screens the official Ferris condition institution organization webpage, as well as the official Alumni connection LinkedIn web page.

Make an expert presence with the use of the email address whenever joining. Create your profile completely to present ideal position on the internet. Get a hold of associations by looking for some other Ferris condition institution professors and employees who’re on associatedinside, plus company. Those who have many connections win! Once you have their appeal constructed, you can choose to create a team webpage, but see becoming a subgroup of the recognized alumni team to community with Ferris alumni.

  1. Blog post content material this is certainly interesting to the people that happen to be connected to your.
  2. Connect with your Twitter membership and be twice as efficient.
  3. Answer right away to requests for details by legitimate associates.
  4. Advertise your people.
  5. Generate a badge that rest may use to promote your website to their profiles.
  6. Look at the LinkedIn studying center for outstanding resources which


Institution development & marketing and advertising keeps the official Ferris condition University YouTube web site. Truly beneficial to use this webpages to create your formal videos, as aggregated contents is much more obvious. Communications UA&M to learn more.


Foursquare try a location-based social media system. Ferris condition University provides a branded web page with over 130 sites stated. A lot of popular sites are usually under energetic administration.

Why would we be engaged?

Number 1 – it’s enjoyable! Foursquare is actually an internet online game that motivates all of our people to explore university and meet up with like-minded individuals. We make use of Foursquare for virtual tours of university in order to supply fun tips for the students and potential people for more information on treatments, applications and possibilities to become involved. Check-in around!


Pinterest is a photograph sharing website enabling you to definitely make theme-based selections of graphics also known as “boards.”

Ferris possess an official Pinterest web site with boards developed for each school. We query which you use this incredible website for aesthetically sharing the tale with potential college students, alumni and donors via descriptive design and hashtags. Search for files that firmly reflect Ferris plus system, hence add advantages for the fans. Placing comments in your pins are a best training. E mail us to obtain pinning legal rights towards panel or to request added panels. Look at the Ferris Pinterest right here:

Ferris County Alumni Connection

The Alumni relationship’s cellular application lets you flow facts from your own social media platforms. Call the Alumni company to learn more at 591-2345.

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